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Sharkosaurus Rampage
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About Sharkosaurus Rampage

Sharkosaurus Rampage action is where you will become a mutant shark. Your mission is to escape from the laboratory to return to the ocean before becoming a specimen.

The story of the game is built on a fantasy setting. It takes place in a mysterious laboratory beneath the ocean, where scientists are trying to clone a Sharkosaurus monster, the result of a hybrid between a shark and a dinosaur. But unfortunately, you will come here and play as Sharkosaurus to help it escape from this place.

Sharkosaurus Rampage Is a Fun Game
Sharkosaurus Rampage Is a Fun Game

Your escape journey goes through many different levels. In each level, you need to complete the requirements to win and unlock new levels. Your requirement is the minimum score. You need to destroy a certain number of scientists and overcome obstacles to win points. It is not easy when humans have dozens of modern weapons to fight back.

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Your enemies in this animal online game are vehicles, jets, military cars, and even giant robots. You need to move wisely to dodge attacks, while attacking enemies with grabs. Moving and attacking is not difficult, just use your arrow keys and mouse.

Besides the monster’s passive skills, you can use many unique weapons. By collecting ammo boxes, you will own a laser gun or some other useful thing. Also, pay attention to secret organs to activate doors or elevators. You can escape the rooms this way.

Sharkosaurus Rampage unblocked is a fun action game, isn’t it? It didn’t take much to feel the heat of a large-scale battle. You’re a crazy monster that needs to survive, so show your killer skills!

How To Play Sharkosaurus Rampage

Use WASD keys or arrows to move, left click to attack

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