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Loot Challenge
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About Loot Challenge

Loot Challenge is a free Y3 2-player game. You’ll compete with other players while trying to finish your job. Can you loot the mass of balls and earn the most cash?

Loot Challenge is a free online multiplayer game where looting is the main activity

In fact, you will drop into a special location in the present playfield. In which, you have to play against several opponents. And, to become the top player, you need to be the first person who owns the most balls. So, it promises to be a very competitive game field.

Complete the Loot Challenge game unblocked with the best tips

Note that it’s not a simple competition! Thus, you’d better search for your own tactics as soon as you can. More importantly, they should be the top strategies. As a result, they’ll help you fulfill your unique adventure fast.

Moreover, using cash is another essential method for progressing. Actually, the cash will be helpful to buy upgrades for your stickman. And, you can defeat levels with your rivals in a short time when you grow strong.

Loot Challenge multiplayer online is currently available for you to stick to. Good luck!

How To Play Loot Challenge

Roam around the loot area with the arrow keys or WDSA keys.

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