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ARCHERz is a cool free 2D shooter iO game in which you should play strategically to outsmart the rest. You are taking part in a crazy multiplayer match along with a lot of online opponents from around the real world. You’d better build a strong army of archers as soon as possible. It’s essential to hire a skilled bowman and send him to your troop before you set up a larger force!

By adding powerful characters to your team in ARCHERz, you will have more chances to collect many more gold coins. Aside from searching for the money, you are also advised to attack the other armies of everybody in ARCHERz unblocked. Once you progress or level up, you can encounter lots of aggressive rivals as you expect. More importantly, you will unlock every type of bow that you want. Don’t ignore power-ups because they are a part of your victory! Good luck!

How To Play ARCHERz

Use the mouse to wander around the map, Left-click to attack, 1-9 to choose weapon.

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