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Doomsday Shooter
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About Doomsday Shooter

Doomsday Shooter is a free shooting online game where you fend off creepers from kamikaze to plants. For that reason, it’s useful for you to protect your character.

Clear monsters in the unblocked Doomsday Shooter game and survive

At present, you are checking out a new game online in which you can use weapons and your shooting ability your way. But, you should sharpen that skill and unlock all of the tools first. And, the goal is to defend the world that you are living in.

Always remove everything in Doomsday Shooter that can harm you

So, to achieve the final result in the unblocked Doomsday Shooter game, you’d better attack and make waves disappear soon. Additionally, you’ll gain newer weapons that can cause more damage. In other words, you’ll have 11 tools to deal with those enemies, for instance, axe, bazooka, sniper rifle, and more.

In summary, play Doomsday Shooter full screen and you will take part in a special fight that happens in the apocalyptic realm by yourself. Finally, shall you reset the world’s rule in the shortest time?

How To Play Doomsday Shooter

Navigate the character with WSDA keys Help him run with W and Shift Perform his jumps with Space Attack creepers with Left Mouse Aim at these with Right Mouse Use another weapon with the mouse wheel. Reload the tool with R. Throw your grenade with G.

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