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Pixel Smash Duel
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About Pixel Smash Duel

Show off your shooting skills in Pixel Smash Duel to become the best shooter in the world. The uncompromising gun battles in this game will quickly make you feel excited.

Pixel Smash Duel offers fun balanced gunfights

The goal is very simple, that is you will use your gun to damage your opponent and knock them out of the arena. Of course, the bullets fired from the gun only had the effect of making the target unbalanced. But things are not simple at all, because the opponent can shoot back and make you lose.

Pixel Smash Duel is Classic Pixel Game
Pixel Smash Duel is Classic Pixel Game

Choice of AI mode or player battle mode in Pixel Smash Duel online

Pixel Smash Duel unblocked allows players to choose the mode before participating in matches. You can play against AI or play two people on the same device in this game. The operating mechanism of both modes will remain the same, your task is to duel with the opponent and knock them out of the arena.

You Can Use Your Weapon To Make Your Opponent Retreat Or Lose Balance.
You Can Use Your Weapon To Make Your Opponent Retreat Or Lose Balance.

Each match in this pixel game will take place in 5 innings to choose the ultimate winner. The player who reaches 5 points before the opponent wins. This is when you should find a friend of yours to start the fierce gunfights in Pixel Smash Duel 2 player.

Weapons and arenas change continuously through each level

The important thing is that the arenas and weapons in each round will change constantly to help you feel more excited. Regardless of the weapon, their effect is to make the opponent lose balance when hitting the target. Therefore, you just need to focus on controlling your character to win this game.

Play Pixel Smash Duel for free online, chaotic battlefields are waiting for you to explore with lots of interesting content. You need to control the situation by hitting the enemy repeatedly. To become a good gunner, it will take you a lot of time to hone your fighting skills.

How To Play Pixel Smash Duel

Player 1: W to jump, E to shoot and Player 2: Up arrow button to jump, M to shoot

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