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Anime Battle 1.8
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About Anime Battle 1.8

Get ready to join Anime Battle 1.8 to experience more awesome and fierce battles between the well-known characters from the wonderful anime. This cool Action game now features brand new characters, such as Kirto, Saber, Madar Uchiha, Acqua, Rurouni Kenshin and so on. Choose one of them and head out for your battle. During your fight, make sure that you fluently combine your martial arts skill, dodge the attacks of the opponent and take him down to become the ultimate winner! Good luck with your fighting performance!

How To Play Anime Battle 1.8

Player 1: Use [A] or [D] for moving, key [S] to protect, key [J] to assault, key [K] for jumping, keys [U][I][O] for abilities. Player 2: Use to move, for protection, keypad [1] to strike, key [2] for jumping, keys [4][5][6] for abilities. Press key [Enter] to pause the game, key [Esc] to return to menu.

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