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Anime Fighting Fury
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About Anime Fighting Fury

Are you a big fan of animated characters from TV Show, especially from the famous manga? Join Anime Fighting Furry and be prepared for the big battles between these characters. This Action game can be viewed as a collection consisting of characters from lots of anime and manga, such as Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tale, Ichigo Bleach, Goku and so on. All you have to do is to combine your fighting skills, launch your attacks as you try to dodge the assaults of your rival. Do whatever it takes to become the best fighter ever! Have fun, guys!

How To Play Anime Fighting Fury

Player 1: AD: Move. S: Defense. W: function keys. J: attack / SELECT CHARACTER. K: jump. L: Side Step. U/I: skills. O: Special. P: summon assistance. Key Combinations: W+J, S+J, W+U, S+U, W+I, S+I, W+O, S+O, W+P. Player 2: : Move Defense Function keys 1: attack /SELECT CHARACTER 2: Jump 3: Side Step 4/5: Skills 6: Special 9: summon assistance Key Combinations: ↑+1, ↓+1, ↑+4, ↓+4, ↑+5, ↓+5, ↑+6, ↓+6, ↑+9

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