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About AZ

AZ is simple action game, idle but enough to keep you excited to play for hours. Invite your friends and join the 2D tank war, then finish them off with your weapon.

Tank wars are not always loud and epic, sometimes they are just like board games, such as in the AZ game. But it’s not as boring as you think, on the contrary, it helps you approach the game easily to quickly enter the fast-paced intellectual battles.

It is a battle between two tanks and you are part of it. Your mission is to control your tank to shoot other people’s tanks and win. You will have to know how to take advantage of the terrain and aim accurately. If you miss, your bullet can also explode your tank.

Not only that, you also need to collect items on the map to gain an advantage. It can be stars, bullets, guns, cannons and more. They can help your tank become more powerful to get an advantage in the confrontation with friends. But you need to consider moving to collect and attack in AZ unblocked.

Different from other action games, this shooting game online possesses a simple 2D graphics platform. Everything is very rudimentary but colorful, the combat effects are also quite vivid and smooth. The control operation is simple, so anyone can play the game anytime on the browser here.

Are you ready to join AZ and conquer the tank wars? Show your strategy and skills to finish all enemies even your best friend. Flexibility in your movement and attack, taking advantage of the terrain and items, that’s the way to victory.

How To Play AZ

Player controls 1: Move with WASD and shoot with G

Player controls 2: Move with arrow keys and shoot with K

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