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Beach Volleyball
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About Beach Volleyball

Enjoy the sun, the wind, and the fantastic game on the smooth, white sand, boys and girls! Amazed you certainly would be when attending our beach volleyball game. The match will be organized between 2 pairs; normally will be two pairs of the same sexes, yet, sometimes, maybe one of male and one of female. You surely will think that the advantages fall in the hands of those boys with their strength, sustainability, and strong hits. However, this does not mean our dear girls get no chance of defeating them. Provided that, you’re smart enough and use good strategies, you absolutely can win that competition in glory.
So what are you waiting for? Lift your body up to get some moves through this sport game now.

How To Play Beach Volleyball

Depend on each pair. Player in the first pair: Use T/G to move. Use A to jump up, S to hit. Player in the second pair: Use up/down arrow keys to move. Use semicolon mark button ; to jump. Use atrophy mark button to hit

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