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Bomber Friends
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About Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends game is an adventure as well as a battle. Before going to the final door and leveling up, you have to destroy every enemy and search for the key.

Bomber Friends is a game like classic Bomberman games

You are moving to a fun html5 upgrade game. In fact, it takes you to a very dangerous maze where full of blasts. However, you must head to the exit as fast as possible and stay alive. Therefore, it’s also essential for you to clear opponents.

Win levels in Bomber Friends in an easier way with power-ups

As in classic Bomberman games, you can base on power-ups to complete the stage sooner. And, these power-ups often appear throughout levels. So, they can be extra bombs, lives, or damage boosts.

In addition to that, you are capable of selecting a reward after you win. Not only that, you can completely upgrade your player’s skins and stats when you end a level.

Bomber Friends is a game with several different game modes, including Robot Quest, Normal, and US Presidential Challenge. Turn on the full-screen mode to enjoy your journey!

How To Play Bomber Friends

Walk through the maze with the arrow keys Plant bombs in-game with A Jeer at someone with B

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