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Cross Strike
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About Cross Strike

Cross Strike is a pixel 2D game with a survival battle. Once you take down all of the invaders, you’ll be able to protect the sword and territory from every enemy.

Cross Strike is a modern action game html5 for free with an engaging story

First of all, you will receive an important mission from the commander. So, he asks you to fend off the unknown enemies in order to block them from stealing the sword in the forest. Therefore, you need to clear those intruders to complete that goal.

Cross Strike is a 2D game with an intense fight happening in a futuristic pixel world

In the html5 action for free game, you will use a jetpack to move around and weapons to inflict damage on the others. Besides, they are tools that help you avoid lethal hits. Especially, you can change into a jetplane during the current adventure.

Check out the sci-fi journey when you play Cross Strike free online and embark on the combat! Further, attempt to remove waves of opponents as fast as possible right now!

How To Play Cross Strike

Manage your robot's movement with the arrow keys Read the dialogue or jump with the Z key Attack mysterious rivals with X Transform the robot with C Control the legendary sword with D Pause your adventure with P

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