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Impostor Killer
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About Impostor Killer

Impostor Killer is an incredible role play and strategy game. Impostor Killer unblocked is inspired by the original Among Us. Just have the same playing and rule with Among us, but Impostor Killer also brings you into the world from old forts battle to battling rushes of beasts. Cross the landscape to crush the last boss beast. Keep in mind, whenever you have fallen, you should restore and re-fortification the beginning stage of the fight.

It is a funny game that you need to use logical thinking to finding out the fake member. Not only a strategy game but also a horror title. Sometimes, you find some dead body and don’t even know who to suspect. And be careful, because you can be killed anytime! Kill the impostor before they kill you!

You need a game to help you improve your mind? Or you like game with simple and cool graphic design? Take part in Impostor Killer right now!

How To Play Impostor Killer

Select the weapon and press the button to move, shoot and kill enemies.

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