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About Kill-BOI 9000

Kill-BOI 9000 is a robot-fighting game online. You have a robot and you must keep it upgraded to strengthen it using a lot of hearts. Make sure you defeat monsters too.

Kill-BOI 9000 2D is a challenging 2 player shooting game for worldwide players

This is an action game where you play with a robot. The game is about you trying to upgrade your robot to make it stronger. So, you have to use your good skills since there are lots of enemies that halt you from upgrading the robot.

Play Kill-BOI 9000 multiplayer online with your friends

Before you enter the arena, you can choose the game you want to play. For instance, there is a solo mode or a multiplayer mode. If you play in the solo mode, then you have to practice your skills. For the multiplayer mode, you will compete against other players.

Since you compete against them, you have to play with good strategies. When you control the robot, make sure you also watch your surroundings. Your mission is to bring the hearts in the arena to your robot. Hence, the more hearts your robot has, the stronger it is.

As you play, you have to protect your robot from the monsters. There are lots of monsters in the arena, so it is important to avoid them. You can use your skills to defeat those monsters.

Your goal is to become the best player with the strongest robot in the arena. This also gets you to the top rank on the leaderboard.

Kill-BOI 9000 unblocked lets you experience a robot world. Join it now to show your skills and be the best robot!

How To Play Kill-BOI 9000

Move the first player using WASD Move the second player using arrow keys Confirm the upgrade using the spacebar or the left mouse button.

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