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King Fighters Wing Ex
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About King Fighters Wing Ex

King Fighters Wing Ex is the great action game about the battle of strong characters in the world. You can select anybody you like most to start to play. But you should learn and master all moves first. If you can defeat the rival and drain his health before he does the same for you, you will win King Fighters Wing Ex. Are you ready to conquer this challenge and become the most powerful player? Make sure you can launch the critical hits as much as possible.

How To Play King Fighters Wing Ex

Player 1 uses WASD to move, J or U to punch, K or I to kick, O to power burst, L to emergency escape. Player 2 uses arrows to move, 1 or 4 to punch, 2 or 5 to kick, 6 to power burst and 3 to emergency escape. Press J to confirm.

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