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Money Movers 2
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About Money Movers 2

Money Movers 2 unblocked is an action platformer game with various puzzles to solve. It is also the sequel to Money Movers the first chapter and now it brings better features to your experience. Do you still remember the two brothers trying to escape the jail with lots of money bags? Now, they are here for another adventure full of challenges.

Before playing Money Movers 2 free game online, you should know that the game features a wide array of levels to conquer. Each of them has a different puzzle with a different challenge. The main mission for you is to control two brothers at the same time to collect all the money bags and save their father without getting caught by the guards. The money bags are positioned in different places. To get to them, you have to solve the puzzles on your way. You must give a hand to the brothers trying to use switches, activate lasers, move from this platform to another one. All of the actions must be combined carefully. Remember that if one of your characters is caught, the game will be over. Hence, you have to protect them all during this adventure. Are you ready for these challenges? Enjoy Money Movers 2 game now!

How To Play Money Movers 2

For the big brother: Use left/right arrow keys for the movement and up arrow key to jump. For the small brother: Use A/D for the movement and W to jump

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