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Playtime Horror Monster Ground
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About Playtime Horror Monster Ground

Your role will become more interesting in Playtime Horror Monster Ground as a cartoon monster. Possessing incredible strength, what will you do to prove your talent?

The gameplay of this action horror game is quite similar to the hide and seek game associated with our childhood. You will play the role of a seeker and try to find innocent people. Not only stopping there, you will destroy them to prove your strength, thereby ready to conquer the next levels.

The way character design in this game will make you immediately think of the fnaf online series. You will transform into an animated teddy bear-shaped monster quite similar to animatronics in FNAF. You possess absolute power, so defeat anyone you want. Do not skip any details because that could be the hiding place of the enemy.

At each level, you will have the opportunity to explore locations with different designs. Here, you will see a lot of objects, which is also where innocent people hide. You can destroy any objects you want to make them appear. In some cases, the police force will appear with the aim of stopping you.

New villains will be unlocked continuously after each level. You can watch ads to own your favorite villains. Moreover, each villain will have a different way of fighting, the more resources the character consumes, the higher the strength will be. Of course, the way you control it also plays a very important role.

Playtime Horror Monster Ground unblocked is an engaging online action game in many respects. Becoming a monster is never easy, and the levels will also increase in difficulty to keep you interested. You need to defeat all the enemies to complete the challenge in this exciting game.

How To Play Playtime Horror Monster Ground

Drag and drop left mouse or use WASD to control monsters

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