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Shape Shooter 3
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About Shape Shooter 3

Shape Shooter 3 is an HTML5 game online about fighting against shape enemies with different abilities. You control a ship then make it strong with advanced weapons.

Shape Shooter 3 lets you enhance your shooting abilities to fight against enemies

You control a ship in this Arcade survival game. Hence, you need to use it in a smart way with advanced weapons to make it strong. You can customize the ship as well as equip it with abilities for fighting against enemies.

Shoot enemies to earn scores in Shape Shooter 3 game

You control the ship and let it shoot in the direction of your mouse. The more enemies you shoot, the more scores you earn. Besides, you can also use the bomb to attack enemies when they overwhelm you. Try to avoid their attacks as well as use your strategies to defeat them for your win.

Shape Shooter 3 unblocked also brings you great ships with nice weapon setups. Play it now!

How To Play Shape Shooter 3

Move around the arena using the mouse. Use a bomb by clicking the left mouse button. Pause the game by clicking the right mouse button.

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