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Short Life 2
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About Short Life 2

Short Life 2 unblocked will give you fun experiences and very attractive for you to play it. In this game, you will try to lead your character to the end of the road.

Short Life 2 is an adventure game. With 20 levels, you will try to get your ragdoll to the goal. Well, he is really weak and easy to be harmed. Same as the Short Life Y3 game, you need to keep him away from those traps and objects. Moreover, those traps and objects are upgrades and your character has more ways to die. Some of them are so ridiculous and it will make you laughable when your character dies of something that you can not imagine. You have to keep him alive and reach the goal as fast as you can. Moreover, you can control your character to collect 3 stars that appear on the road to make the level become successful.

However, because of the blood of the game, you need to be careful before deciding to play it. So why don’t you open this game and have fun with it? Now you can play Short Life 2 free on Web Browser.

How To Play Short Life 2

Use your arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character and avoid those traps and objective to get to the goal.

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