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Skillz Shooting
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About Skillz Shooting

Another basketball game with new challenges is coming to boys who love this kind of sport; its name is Skillz Shooting. One beneficial thing which the basketball brings for all players is to help develop their shooting skill and observing capacity. Therefore, it’s obvious that Skillz Shooting also will have the same benefit. Get rid of your needless hesitation to start the cool game right away! Throughout the game, each player will be supplied with a lot of easy, medium and hard levels, and 7 times of shooting the ball in each one. The suggested time for completing the match basketball in the current level is 100 seconds. Just click on the red circle, decide the trajectory and power of a shot, and then throw the ball into the net. Here is all about jobs to have each of the perfect shots. Come on!

How To Play Skillz Shooting

Skillz Shooting is played by using the left mouse.

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