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About SpiderDoll

SpiderDoll 2D is an action game for you to try the feeling of being a spiderman. Your task is to overcome the buildings to escape the chase of the enemy OctoPuppet.

It is a real air run where you are spiderman with infinite silk shooting ability. This idea is from Marvel’s Spider-Man movies, but of course, it’s much simpler and anyone can easily play it. So, this action game will inspire you in many unique modes.

You can choose to play in the progression of the story mode or try your hand at the endless mode. Whatever mode you are in, you should always be the one running to dodge enemies and secure your HP. But you don’t run on the road but cross the skyscrapers. Enjoy amazing acrobatics with your spider silk!

You need to click at the right time to shoot spider webs and stick to the walls. If you miss a beat, you’ll fall down the street and that’s a bad ending. If you go slow, the enemy will catch up with you, but if you go fast, you need to control your movements well.

Spider Doll Game is really suitable for a wide range of gamers, including children. It brings a simple but funny design style, enough to impress you. The game context is also very diverse and changes flexibly through each of your jumps. And sunset colors are always what you see in the sky.

Your dream of becoming Spider-Man is no longer a fantasy. You can play SpiderDoll unblocked and learn to shoot spider webs to perform impressive jumps and acrobatics. So, are you ready to be the hero in this endless chase?

How To Play SpiderDoll

Left click on the location and press Space to shoot spider silk

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