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Spongebob Sizzle
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About Spongebob Sizzle

Urgent, need someone fast to distinguish those fires in series of spongebob games. There will be 4 lines delivering pots in flame. You as in the disguise of a squid have to move so promptly to put out the fire in time. Watch out those lanes, fire swiftly straight to the targets. The tip is to move to the line on which the fire pot appears nearest and shoot as fast as you could, then move to the other ones. The problem you face should be the speed. Once they appear continuously, the most importance is to make sure you’re safe. It means you should not fail or else, when the fire accesses you, you will get burned, just ignore it, and move to other lines to continue your work. More fires you put out, more points you will gain. Join Sizzle games to help him out!

How To Play Spongebob Sizzle

Use your mouse

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