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Vex 7
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About Vex 7

Vex 7 is an enchanting online action platform game. It allows the player to show special moves to overcome every dangerous obstacle. After that, you can burst into the adventure.

It is the installment that you can experience after you explore Vex 6. It will bring back a cool playing style. In the present challenge, you can launch parkour moves while moving. So, you must dodge spikes with coming knives and falling objects.

Once you survive in this Vex 7 unblocked game, you will become the winner. Meanwhile, there are plenty of levels waiting for you to open. Aside from using those abilities, remember to dodge security cameras. They will destroy you with their laser beams.

Moreover, it is one of the action 2D games that you can conquer if you know how to apply old tips and tricks from previous chapters. Even so, it’s pretty challenging for you to achieve that. The current part will give you newer features.

Time to play Vex 7 free online and finish every level in your way! Turn into the stickman and get ready to prove your talent right now!

How To Play Vex 7

Hit the arrow keys or WASD keys as you are guided to beat obstacles.

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