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About Blockz

Hi all Minecraft lovers! Are seeking another new environment to show your fantasy buildings? Blockz may be an ideal choice as the main protagonist of this game has also an idea as you. He wants to found surprising constructions on the Minecraft ground by simple blocks. It’s surprised that the blocks (basic materials for the founding process) have been available in the Inventory. Just select the best ones from this plentiful supply and arrange them on the surface to create every structure. Don’t forget to clear the needless blocks from the game land to have the space for the new project. Furthermore, watch out for hazardous cactuses scattered through the land. If touching one of them, he will be rapidly weakened, which adversely affects the game’s survival. Come on!

How To Play Blockz

The Q/E key is to change blocks.
The left mouse is to destroy/put blocks.
The ASDW keys are to move around.

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