Gathe Escape - Toy Christmas

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Kids, your favorite character is getting stuck in a toy Christmas room. Until now, no one can help Gathe escape from there. If you are intelligent enough, come on and explore Gathe Escape-Toy Christmas to save him. He will be so happy once you take him out of the room, kids. It is the rescue time! Players will break into the Christmas room full of beautiful toys such as stars, pigs, horses, ducks, drums, trains, puzzles, teddy bears, penguins, and more. To rescue Gathe is not easy, so the players have to think of the best ways to get out of there as soon as possible. Get ready to take action now. Gathe is waiting for you ahead, kids. First of all, click on the various toys to find hidden signals. After that, open the door for Gathe to get out of the room. Hope you have a good time with this cool escape-toy game, guys!