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Hero Tower Wars
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About Hero Tower Wars

Hero Tower Wars is among the adventure html5 games that you should enjoy. Send your hero to suitable floors so he’s able to hit his opponents and save the princess.

Therefore, it is a survival battle between two factions. Additionally, the fight against each other will happen inside towers. In other words, you need to move the knight to the enemy’s tower in the proper way.

It means that you should look at the number of heroes that you lead before you go with them to the other location. Next, you can remove the weaker rival easily. Not only that, you’re capable of clearing their floors when you play Hero Tower Wars online.

Thus, they will have the chance to defeat you once you make a mistake. When you win a level and advance, you will face more difficulties. Shall you conquer them and turn into the best player?

Hero Tower Wars unblocked game consists of various interesting features from graphics to daily quests and many more. Jump into the match and give the hero a hand to fulfill challenges now!

How To Play Hero Tower Wars

Click on the hero and drag the left mouse to move him to the right place.

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