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About Stick RPG Complete

Stick RPG Complete flash game is a simulator combined with role-playing. You will have the opportunity to build a character and a life your way and enjoy it here.

In this game, you are a stickman lost in a large city with other stickman residents. You have no specific mission other than to build your life. But there are no rules or limits, you can do things your way. You will work to earn money, build houses, explore the city and spend money on what you like.

This stickman rpg game is like a real world. So, to live here, you need to ensure the basic needs of your stickman. You should eat well by buying fast food at the store. Moreover, you need to build a wonderful house with furniture items. To be wiser, you should also go to school to improve your skills.

Besides your private life, you can see the outside world. 2 player stickman games always bring interesting connection between you and other players. You and someone will stick together, interact on quests, adventure and explore together. Besides, do not hesitate to take long walks and discover the beauty of the city.

Every decision you make in Stick RPG 2 will affect your future. So while you can play your way, play wisely to get rich. The game world with diverse and colorful 2D design will inspire your virtual life here.

Do you want a life of your own in Stick RPG Complete unblocked? It is completely free for you to play online now without downloading. Now it’s time to play the role of a funny stickman and live your life. Work, earn, compete and mingle, get ready to do it all!

How To Play Stick RPG Complete

Interact with in-game items with your left mouse button

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