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Beaver Builder
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About Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a role and a 3D animal game for kids. In the new position, you can explore ways to generate a safe dam and protect the village from the flood.

Play the Beaver Builder game online unblocked and prevent the flood from hurting your town

Now, you take control of a beaver. Apart from that, you must build a dam so it can stop the flood from attacking your place. In fact, it’s flooding and you should save everything or everybody promptly. So, you will have a lot of jobs to finish on that day.

Make use of Beaver Builder’s skills and other resources

Firstly, you’ll collect materials before you finish Beaver Builder all levels. Afterward, you can set up a raft, houses, and dams. Aside from that, you should upgrade these structures as fast as you can. Meanwhile, you need to keep other animals away from them. Or, they’ll cause damage to you.

Get ready to play Beaver Builder unblocked online as an important protector and complete your creation before the flood comes! Can you end that interesting challenge swiftly?

How To Play Beaver Builder

Move the beaver by moving the Left Mouse or using arrows or WASD. Perform skills like flying, raging, and stomping with 1, 2, 3.

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