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Ave Castle
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About Ave Castle

Play Ave Castle multiplayer online and embark on a new role. As a commander, you can lead your troops and send them to clear the foes along with their castle first.

Protect the Ave Castle in your 2D strategy game by using simple resources

The first thing you should perform in the new battle action game is to plant trees. Remember to cut them! Afterward, you can get money. Then, you can use what you have received to purchase fighters or upgrade your troop. As well, you should prevent the rival from destroying your castle.

Ave Castle is an unblocked game where you can freely create your map

In addition to playing the strategy 2D fight on the available map, you can generate one of your own by using the editor. Also, you can share what you have created with buddies. However, you need to know that you have to inflict damage on the other side.

Ave Castle is a cool multiplayer game that is now free to enjoy online. So, are you ready to end that battle? Let’s start your goal and fulfill it!

How To Play Ave Castle

Buy units by choosing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Control the game options with Left-click.

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