Bad Ice Cream

2020-07-23 831 Plays 0% comment(s)

There are many best Arcade games online to mater, and Bad Ice Cream unblocked is one of them that you can play for free now. In this free Arcade game, you take on the role of an ice-cream that can move around a maze-like arena to pick up a lot of fruits while trying to defeat other enemies. This adventure sounds simple, but it requires you to have good reflexes, nice skills, as well as smart strategies to outplay your opponents. As you make your way through the arena in Bad Ice Cream online, you should watch your surroundings because the enemies can take any chances to defeat you. Perform skillful movements, protect yourself from enemies, and stop them from flattening yourself. You can blow walls of ice to defeat them. Keep collecting fruits to power up yourself, survive for as long as possible, and beat all the levels to become the winner! Play Bad Ice Cream for free!