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Basket Battle
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About Basket Battle

Basket Battle game will be an intense competition. In the stage, you should aim and hit your ball accurately so it can move through the basket and help you score.

Basket Battle is a free-to-play skill game online

In the Basket Battle no download game, you have to control your character skillfully. In fact, it’s not as easy as you think when you want to make shots. Meanwhile, the opponent can block you and he seems to be more skillful than you.

Basket Battle game requires players to obtain the best score to win

Before you change into the winner and unlock the next level Basket Battle APK, you shouldn’t forget to achieve enough 3 balls first. Additionally, you can make it difficult for the other. Otherwise, he will beat you and level up.

Basket Battle is a skill game online in which you are able to check out various abilities and engage in a fun match for free. Shall you set the highest score and open all levels soon? Note! In addition to scoring, please remember to prevent your competitor!

How To Play Basket Battle

Drag the mouse to aim and release the mouse button to throw the ball.

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