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Dino Domination
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About Dino Domination

Dino Domination is a fun arcade game about helping a dinosaur grow up. You will have to eat lots of food to become stronger and then make your size bigger.

Dino Domination lets you play as a dinosaur trying to vanquish challenges to eat food

You are a hungry dinosaur in this arcade game online. Since you are hungry, you have to get as much food as possible to satisfy your belly. However, it is not easy to get food because there are predators and other challenges for you to vanquish.

Try to eat lots of food to grow stronger in Dino Domination game

Besides satisfying your belly, you also eat food to grow stronger and increase your size. Then, you can unlock the collection of dinosaurs. In the collection of dinosaurs, you can also explore many types of dinosaurs, including a dragon.

Play Dino Domination game unblocked for a fun dinosaur-themed adventure!

How To Play Dino Domination

Control your dinosaur using WASD or arrow keys. Interact with the UI using the left mouse button. For Mobile, you use the joystick to move the dinosaur and touch the screen to interact with the UI.

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