Feed The King

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Feed the King unblocked is one of the best Arcade games online. You can play Feed the King game for free online on Y3 Games now to practice your skills and conquer all challenges. The game centers on the King that needs to be fed with tasty food.

In this title, you play the role of the chief of the King and your mission is to keep him alive. You have to stop all nuisances from approaching his pile of food. Charge your King like a catapult by dragging the ball, then launch him carefully. After he has landed, click to do a short dash attack, and by doing so, you will aim enemies in a short-range in front of him. Do not let any enemies get closer to the King, or they will have a free ride to his food pile, which can cause your mission to be failed. Try to protect your King and complete the mission to become the winner! Play Feed the King free game online now to practice and show off your skills. Have fun!