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Uphill Rush Slide Jump
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About Uphill Rush Slide Jump

Join Uphill Rush Slide Jump to perform endless water slides through a modern skateboard. How far can you control the skateboard in this exciting upgrade online game?

If you have a passion for skateboarding but don’t have the opportunity, Uphill Rush Slide Jump unblocked will be a great choice. In this game, you can control the main character using the skateboard to move through the endless water slides. The further you move, the more chances you have to get high scores and bonuses.

The operation of Uphill Rush Slide Jump is also simple, the character will automatically slide forward continuously. You can then tap the screen to give the character a boost, which has a total of three boosts in each playthrough. If you complete the accelerations well, you will have a chance to get a high score.

After each play, Uphill Rush no flash will give you some cash and corresponding rewards. You can use this cash to upgrade the skateboard so it can travel further. Each upgrade will require a certain amount of money, so spend wisely to optimize the money you earn.

In addition, you can also choose a male or female character to perform endless slides. If you want, use the money you earn to unlock characters with completely different looks and costumes. Join Uphill Rush Slide Jump offers a lot of options like Uphill Rush games for you to choose freely.

Uphill Rush Slide Jump will not let you down with the traditional gameplay along with the improvements available. You may not know, this is the next version from the famous Uphill Rush series. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the fun it brings through a variety of content.

How To Play Uphill Rush Slide Jump

Use the left mouse at the right time to increase the speed of the skateboard

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