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Traffic Jam 3D
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About Traffic Jam 3D

Join Traffic Jam 3D unblocked to enjoy endless driving on dangerous streets. Each level will give you completely different driving locations in the city to feel the fun.

The first interesting point of this driving game comes from the simple element, where you will not have to participate in any car races. So, your task is to control your car to quickly reach the finish line to complete. Try to reach the destination in the allotted time to win, but ensure safety.

In the game, you will control your car as a good driver. You will feel this clearly through the driver’s perspective inside the car. Therefore, the things that appear in front of you will make you feel like you are driving a car in reality. Pay attention to everything, because anything can harm the car.

Joining traffic has never been easy for any car driver. Play Traffic Jam 3D online, you will have the opportunity to control cars in a crowded city with the appearance of many obstacles. So, keep your hands on the wheel, stay focused to control your car to move quickly and safely.

After each level, you will use the money you receive to upgrade the car as you like. Traffic Jam 3D 2 player offers a lot of great upgrades that you can check out. Including gear ratio, stroke height, car color scheme, wheel change, and many other upgrades are waiting for you.

Are you ready to rock the streets in Traffic Jam 3D with your driving talent? There are 80 levels from simple to complex waiting for you to unlock. Besides, the environment in the game will also have a constant change in each level that will surely make you excited.

How To Play Traffic Jam 3D

Control the car to move with the arrow buttons or WASD

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