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Causality Candy Land
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About Causality Candy Land

Play causality games and feel the guilt of becoming a murderer! Sound so terrible! The play means nothing besides the fun and relaxation for those get bored. You are supposed to bring down all stickmen in the shortest time if possible. However, the deaths necessarily escape any notice. Analyze the situation and give out the best strategies. Make sure that you separate them successfully. Afterwards, the hard part is to activate the killing tools which surely kill the stick with only one hit. Finish them in turns, and you win the devil game. The context here takes place in a candy valley where all stickmen are enjoying a good time in such beautiful and joyful atmosphere. Thence, are you confident of creating fatal traps? The answer can only be found out once you start the game. Let’s see who will be the worst cause of death ever with causality candy land, guys!

How to play

Use the mouse to commit your crime.

How To Play Causality Candy Land

Use the mouse to commit your crime.

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