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Causality Kitchen
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About Causality Kitchen

A kitchen cramped of stickmen in causality game unblocked, you are apparently supposed to clear them all. Bear in mind that deaths should be out of knowing, or the game will come to an end. As a consequence, you lose.
There are some real threats in the kitchen, you already knew, such as knife, fire. You should make full use of those factors in order to claim the lives of those presences in silence. Wait for the right moment. But first, you need to create the changes in such context, forcing them to move out of the old positions in the purpose of separating them, and then take advantage of the good opportunity. Finally, utilize the tools. Bring down one by one.
Are you eager to witness the ending? Enter causality kitchen game to find out who will become a leader in plotting, all geeks!

How To Play Causality Kitchen

Use the mouse to interact with people/objects

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