Causality Turkey Terror

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The stickman are celebrating their thanks giving day. You will, nevertheless, role play a villain who will perform the slaughtering in the causality turkey terror. Normally, you have been a good guy and maybe, that duty has been fulfilled. It turns out that becoming a cruel devil would be extremely hard. Especially, you are forced to plot a mass killing plan during the full of love season. Do you dare? The conspiracy even gets much more difficult when each death must not get any attention or else, you lose. Just take advantage of the context, the tools and the surrounding to cause a series of murders. There are total five stickmen. Simply create the conditions by triggering the sequels leading to other chains. Step by step, separate each into the private place. Make good shots and bring them down one by one. See if they will share the same fate with the turkey. Play causality unblocked and experience the feelings of being a criminal, guys!