Causality 5

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Causality unblocked 5 is another original version in the series of play causality games. The settings, however, appear to be in daily life context. The supreme task should be to establish traps skillfully on ruining all black shapes. Meanwhile, all deaths are necessarily out of notification. If it is possible, players should draw out a great masterpiece that settles a domino effect. It helps to save time even much further. The problem is how you can implement such a wonderful plot to bring down all character with only a single step! It will certainly require a strict supervision of the happenings in the game. Remember that all stickmen should be killed in silence. None of the others should come to know the collapse, or else they would learn the truth and wisely gather into one place, you eventually fail the mission. Can you do it? The question only gets answer once you attend the performance. Now, buddies! Let's get some moves with causality game unblocked!