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Dermot 23 July 2022 Causality Games 582
Ludo Fever
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About Ludo Fever

Ludo Fever unblocked is a fun board game where you will connect with friends and loved ones around. Now, you can enjoy right on the web browser without too much difficulty.

Your task in the game is simply toss the dice and make the right choices. To make the card can spawn, you need to roll the dice exactly 6 buttons or 1 button. If the dice do not have the desired number, you must wait for your opponent and roll the next time.

After releasing the card, you will continue to roll the dice to help the card reach the safe area. The rules of the game are very basic, that is, the player who brings his 4 cards to the safe area wins. Besides, when going through the opponent’s land, you need to be very careful.

The competitive nature of this game is evident when players on the board can play each other’s cards. If kicked, your card will return to the starting area and have to start over. Like other board games online, the player’s cards will show up in different colors for easy identification.

The attraction of Ludo Fever APK comes from many factors, and the randomness will clearly show. Besides the ability to calculate reasonably, your luck will determine the roll of the dice in the matches. But don’t worry, fairness will be shown during the matches in the game.

If you love the classic 4-player dice game, then Ludo Fever will be a perfect choice for you. All the content is more modern, along with the familiar rules for any player. Enjoy this board game by logging into your web browser to play now.

How To Play Ludo Fever

Use your mouse to roll the dice and decide which direction the cards will move

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