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About StickVaders

In causality game unlocked, a group of stickmen is hanging around a green farm. They never expect the ongoing incident yet. An alien conquers their land and going to undertake a quest of mass killing. You, however, in the role of that ruthless invader, ignite the carnage till none left. Make use of the farm activities which contain various dangers like sharp rake, fallen ladder, tractor or harvester. Help the stranger light the boring cycle of life here by bringing some chaos, particularly some potential dangers or threats in necessity of causing all stickmen’ deaths. Do you have enough the confidence to implement such a grand task? The game should be a calling for anyone whose desire is to taste the eagerness and joy, especially strong feelings during relaxing time.
Play stickvaders game and bring the destroying mastery up to a whole new level.

How to play

Use the mouse to commit your crime.

How To Play StickVaders

Use the mouse to commit your crime.

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