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Alien Addition
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About Alien Addition

Alien Addition is ready to bring flying saucers from space to earth. As a skilled marksman, you will use cannons to destroy all the flying saucers that appear on the screen.

In this math game, you will control a cannon with high damage to shoot down flying saucers. The mechanism of action is new, you will not shoot them in the usual way. The results will appear, you need to do the exact math on this result to destroy the flying saucer.

Each flying saucer in Alien Addition unlocked will show the corresponding math. You need a reasonable calculation to match the intended result so that the shot can be made. Gradually, the math operations will become more and more difficult, which will definitely make you encounter a lot of difficulties.

Besides, you can also turn to the help available to you to determine the most suitable flying saucer. While it is possible to use these aids continuously, it will lose the calculation power of the math alien 3D game. Trust me, you should only use these aids when necessary so as not to lose.

Although set in the battles between earth and aliens, this game will make you feel more novel. There is no need to make any upgrades to the cannon, just one accurate shot at the right flying saucer can destroy them. It all depends entirely on your computing power in the game.

Alien Addition for kids offers simple but very attractive gameplay for any type of player. This game will help you improve your calculation ability through the never-ending battle between humans and aliens. Get ready to overcome all the challenges that await you in this exciting math game.

How To Play Alien Addition

Use Left mouse button to select appropriate math operations and Space button to use hints

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