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Heist Master
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About Heist Master

Heist Master is one of the escape games that are popular at present. As a theft, you should rapidly overcome barriers and rob everything that can help you enrich.

Discover an ideal location for a Heist Master in the fun and new puzzle game

And, it’s not too difficult for the player in the fun puzzle game to experience a unique role. Actually, you can be a heist master if you triumph over every objective in the shortest time. So, it’s not a simple story because you’re facing a large number of obstacles.

Find rare things for your Heist Master as rewards and conquer your 3D online game with the best logic

Firstly, you will search for the best methods to unlock the safe in the new Heist Master unblocked game. After that, you can get the treasure that you wish. Then, you will change into a master once you own the rarest objects.

Now, let’s customize the skin and play Heist Master online multiplayer! At the moment, it’s a great 3D logic online game for all. So, can you escape safely with the items that you rob?

How To Play Heist Master

Control the theft's movement with WASD or Left Mouse. Use an object with Spacebar.

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