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Picker 3D
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About Picker 3D

Picker 3D may be your choice if you are looking for a simple but equally fun game to entertain in your spare time. Play Picker 3D unblocked today, surely this game will attract you by surprise.

In the game, you will control a pedestal to support the filled blocks that the Picker 3D game requires. After each given enough volume requirement, the game will refresh the next screen for us. In addition, you can also get points used to change many different paint colors for the panel. Although it is a high-end computational entertainment game, Picker 3D still gives you interesting challenges. The puzzle will be randomized so you automatically control the direction so you can make the most targets. The first few times can be a bit difficult but do not allow the game, please try again at the screen that just failed. Try with your friends to increase your chances of winning.

How To Play Picker 3D

Drag the left mouse button to move the container.

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