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Escape The Harvest Festival
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About Escape The Harvest Festival

Your grandpa’s farm is beginning its harvest crop. Unfortunately, you are left here all alone. No one is in sight. What happened? You have to find out the mystery upraises and come back your town before it gets dark. Come on everyone! Participate in escape games free to see whether you possibly overcome the challenge which probably was designed in order to amuse you as fun welcoming. Henceforth, do not turn people down. Meet their expectation by figuring out the way as soon as possible. There will be some backgrounds of different animals and fruits on the farm. Attendants are supposed to fulfill the tasks required or join in some enjoyable plays. You have to utilize other items in the aim of reaching the asked stuffs. By the way, enjoy your day with so many exciting games established already here. Sure you will earn an unforgettable experience with escape games online!

How To Play Escape The Harvest Festival

Use the mouse to play the game

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