Escape The Shopping

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Imagine that you are an employed in the town shopping center. The Christmas holiday is coming near. Therefore, you have to work late. However, you, unfortunately, get locked, and a storm is on your way. Try to escape the dilemma by getting out of the hall in time or else you might be crushed in the broken mass. All such experiences gather in new escape games. So join now! The exit nonetheless was locked, you are forced to find the key and take it at any cost before it is too late. There will be some places players have to search through. The retrieving of the key might not be easy to your expectation because of the piles of goods in the supermarket. You may have to utilize some objects to obtain the key. But you need to find it out first. Afterwards, figure out the steps in order to reach it. Ok? It is time to implement the important mission in escape games online.