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Escape The Temple
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About Escape The Temple

You are discovering a jungle. Suddenly, an aboriginal tribal captures you for intruding their sacred land in spite of your friendly attitude. Now you are prisoned in a temple and possibly they might sacrifice you for their God. Terrified of the harsh fact, you must find a way to break away immediately. The experience should sound interesting to those fans of adventure. Participate in escape games online to boost your spirit up with our play, buddies! You must escape before it is too late. Try to make full use of the available tools, device or items. Have you ever come across an ancient story of Greek mythology yet? The bright mind character flied out of the locked tower by gathering the bird feathers patiently. Finally, he successfully made wings. Can you perform the same? The question only receives its respond once you enter the process. Come on guys! Join new escape games, it is time!

How to play

Use your mouse to play the game.

How To Play Escape The Temple

Use your mouse to play the game.

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