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Jailbreak: Hide or Attack!
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About Jailbreak: Hide or Attack!

Jailbreak: Hide or Attack! is a remarkable stickman escape game. Aside from hiding from guards in prisons, it’s also possible to cause damage to these characters.

Hop into the world of Jailbreak: Hide or Attack! and finish puzzles of the new arcade game online

Although it’s a casual game, you can search for a lot of exciting scenes while trying to run away. So, there will be two situations that you can face after you take part in the coming story. Thus, you’d better move and choose acts strategically to evade guards successfully.

Jailbreak: Hide or Attack! is a shooting free-to-play HTML5 game online

First of all, the new arcade online game will bring a set of different levels. But, the control keys are simple to use. More importantly, you should select the best places or weapons and items. So, they can help you safely flee from every prison.

Right now, play Jailbreak Hide or Attack html5 online smartly and you need to avoid the detection area in the prison as fast as you can! Finally, shall you upgrade your weapons and unlock levels?

How To Play Jailbreak: Hide or Attack!

Control the character around the prison with Arrows/ WASD.

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