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Valentine Girl Escape
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About Valentine Girl Escape

Would you like to have a test to check up your IQ? Let along with Valentine girl Escape game to play such intellectual game. There is a girl stuck in a room on valentine’s day because of unknown reason. She is in need of help to escape from the room. There is a key hidden somewhere in her room, but she doesn’t know about that. Your mission is to take her out of the room by resolve all puzzles to find out the key. Clicking your mouse on anything on the screen is to have some clues. Don’t be nervous because each question has its answer. Let think carefully, Escape games online are not easy as you think. You should have a little of perseverance to win Valentine games. It is not necessary to think so much but so carefully to make sure that no clue is left. Now, try to solve!

How To Play Valentine Girl Escape

Collect all items on the screen to solve the puzzles

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