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Battle of the Behemoths
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About Battle of the Behemoths

Battle of the Behemoths unblocked is a fighting game that gives you a battle solo with other characters. You will find out that you spend hours playing it.

Battle of the Behemoths will make people who fond of the Regular Show. So, You will have a chance to play one of those characters and fight against other players. Each character will have unique abilities and you need to control them smartly to win the game. Moreover, you need to be careful to avoid those opponent’s attack. If your blood is over, the game is over and you will lose. The gameplay is really enjoyable while those fighters are really cool. It is heard so interesting, right? Therefore, it is really a good game for you to try. Now you can play Battle of the Behemoths without flash on Web Browser.

How To Play Battle of the Behemoths

Use Arrow keys to move your character. Use ZXCV to use your skills.

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