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Funny Food Duel
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About Funny Food Duel

Join the exciting battles in Funny Food Duel free game now. This is the time to put your agility to the test with another dog or cat in an exciting food competition.

What are you waiting for without participating in super fun battles when you play Funny Food Duel online? You can play in single or two-player mode, then choose your favorite dog or cat to start the fight right away. Your task in each battle is to win food to see who can eat faster and more. Attractive foods such as fried chicken, hamburgers, fried shrimp, donuts, etc. will automatically appear on the dining table. In a few seconds you have to snap them to score points. Otherwise, the opponent will do it first and you have to admit defeat. Don’t let that happen and help your dog or cat eat well and get the perfect score.

Note, not all dishes will help you score points when eating. So, eat only the delicious food and skip the spoiled and smelly food. You have to be quick to get the food as quickly as possible, but you also have to consider it in advance. If you accidentally hit spoiled or cold food, you will deduct 1 point for each mistake. There are only 10 minutes for each match and you don’t have much chance to conquer opponents in Animal HTML5 games. So practice regularly to improve your skills and keen observation. It’s time to start the super fun yet challenging web browser fight here. The gameplay is very simple but you have to be fast and accurate, can you do it?

How To Play Funny Food Duel

Left click to help your cat or dog jump up and get the food.

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